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Welcome Android gamers and tablet PC fans! Our Android App of the Week series returns with the all new Castle Keep game from My Code Studio. This puzzle and strategy style mobile game, although simple in nature, is quite fun and addictive.

Castle Keep is a digital remake of the original 1 to 4 player board game which was released back in 2005. The mobile version also allows you to play against real friends and opponents, however to do so you must share the same device as there is no online player mode available at this time. Still, it’s the type of game that will challenge you and keep you entertained whether playing single or multi-player mode.

Castle Keep Android Game Key Features And Objectives

As mentioned above, you can play against the computer or other friends and opponents. Your main objective of this medieval style game is to be the first player to completely build your castle.

Not only must you successfully build your castle, you will also need to defend it against enemy attacks. When it’s your turn to make the next move you can either raise and increase the strength of your castle by matching shapes and colors to build walls and towers, or you can use your tiles to attack against opponents. The choice is yours, but choose wisely as every move and tile counts!

This game is rather basic and could use a few more features, but to be fair it is only version 1.0 and will most likely improve over time. In order to be more engaging, a couple of additional features I would like to see for this game would be the ability to keep track of games won/lost (perhaps even a global leaderboard) as well as an online multi-player mode. Nonetheless, it’s still fun to play whether on your Android tablet or smartphone. Check out the demo video below for more details.

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