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It’s no secret that for the past 15 months or so tablet computers have been taking the world by storm on so many unimaginable, unexpected and different levels. You may recall recently the article I wrote which briefly covered the exponential growth of tablet PC’s, but what does this all mean for other online retailers and commerce related sites? Alex Schmelkin explains just that, and does a fantastic job I might add, in his recent article about how tablets are changing the way we do E-Commerce, or T-Commerce as he puts it.

If you have an e-commerce site or you’re simply looking for something enjoyable to read I recommend you check out Alex’s recently published article on the E-Commerce Times website. Visit the link below and enjoy!

Make Way for T-Commerce by Alex Schmelkin.

Alex does a great job as he gets down to the nitty gritty with in-depth details on the impact tablet computers, such as the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab for example, are having on the e-commerce market as we know it, or maybe it’s safe to say as we once knew it.

Let’s face it, times are changing and they’re changing fast. What’s new and exciting today probably won’t be so relevant tomorrow. On the topic of e-commerce, old methods are slowly vanishing and retail sites need to be designed, developed and approached differently than in the past.

Being aware of such sudden and rapid changes is not the same as being prepared for them. Alex helps explain a few ways you can better prepare for the future of your e-commerce site to be compatible with tablet PC’s. He takes great consideration in the new trends that tablet computers are inevitably creating and informs us of a few invaluable changes that we need to be aware of.

The truth is, the more technology advances the quicker it progresses. Even if we wanted to ignore the trends, in order to survive we have no choice whatsoever other than to adapt. People spend a great deal of time these days doing the bulk of their online browsing and other activities with their tablets. Nowadays it’s important that your websites are optimized not only for desktops and cell phones but now for tablet computers as well.

I suppose a lot of it is about timing, balance and preparation. Anyhow, I enjoyed reading Alex’s article and I hope you do as well. Feel free to share your opinions on the matter below.

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