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Rumors surrounding Amazon releasing their own high end tablet computer continue to flood blogosphere’s around the web. Most recently, rumors have surface regarding the possibility of Amazon launching not one but two tablets before the year is out.

Right now the potential (near) future tablets are codenamed “Coyote” and “Hollywood”. If these rumors prove to be true Amazon will have 2 all new tablets on the market at some point during 2011. Right now it’s mainly just speculation, but if it happens Amazon could very well be in a position to compete with companies like Apple and RIM who currently own large chunks of the tablet market.

Their entry level tablet, aka “Coyote”, will be structured with the NVIDIA Tegra 2 platform. Amazon’s other rumored tablet, aka “Hollywood”, will be powerd by the NVIDIA T30 quad-core processor which is roughly 5 times more powerful than the Tegra 2. NVIDIA’s T30 chip isn’t out yet but the CPU manufacturing giant plans to begin sampling it at the very least by Q4 of this year. NVIDIA broke ground when they released the Tegra 2 chip, aka T20, which was the world’s first dual-core processor for tablet devices with the capability of running up to 1GHz. They continue to pave the way for future tablet pc’s with their T30 processor which could also prove to be very beneficial for Amazon.

When it comes to the tablet computer industry there are a lot of companies trying to make headway. Many factors are involved such as luck, timing, design, approach, marketing and business models just to name a few. It’s a very competitive market and it can be a difficult task proving to consumers why they should purchase your tablet pc over the likes of the iPad 2 or PlayBook for example.

As mentioned above, timing of course is a very critical factor and not just in the world of tablets but for any market in general. If Amazon’s “Hollywood” tablet is one of the first on the market to come equipped with the T30 CPU then you couldn’t ask for better timing. The NVIDIA T30 chip will be super fast like the wind and will also be able to support higher resolution. It’s estimated that the chip will also be able to handle graphics 3x faster. Not only that but Amazon already has an advantage in the sense that they have quite a large audience as it is and their company is one of the world’s most popular ones currently in existence. This could help them work their way up the ranks as far as tablets are concerned much quicker than some fly by night gig.

No information has leaked yet regarding the screen dimensions or desired OS for the new Amazon tablets. We don’t even know yet how concrete the rumors mentioned above are, but it wouldn’t be far fetched if they were true and in the same breath it’s quite possible Amazon’s tablets will be powered by the Android Honeycomb OS. We can’t be sure just yet, but we’ll keep you posted on any other leads so stay tuned for that.

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