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Toronto-based AI and voice-related technologies firm Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation (UCIC) announced today that their Ubi Kit software now enables hardware devices to run both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

This is big news for clients who are looking for more flexibility when it comes to adopting third-party AI services into their products as well as offer additional services to their customer base. Now, with the updated version of Ubi Kit, developers can prototype and test integrations of both Alexa and Google Assistant in order to decide which AI assistant to go with in regards to the future development of their voice enabled products. Of course developers can also choose to have multiple AI services reside on a single device and leave the choice up to consumers.

UBI Voice Kit

This is all made very simple with a single line of code and can be done in a matter of minutes. UCIC has always gone to great lengths to ensure the development process is as easy and seamless as possible for their clients. The company also provides testing and prototyping services to clients looking to implement Ubi Kit into their products.

Ubi Kit is quite versatile and already supports wake word engines from Cognitech, Kitt.AI and Sensory as well as numerous external USB microphones.

Currently the most recent build of Ubi Kit is solely designed with ARM architectures. However, UCIC promises they are working on extending their platform to other AI assistants, microcontrollers and select partners. They’ll be announcing more details regarding this later in the year likely by spring.

You can test Ubi Kit free of charge before using it for commercial use. To adopt Ubi Kit into your hardware products for commercial purposes you can simply contact UCIC to obtain more information on how to do so.

Download the latest version of Ubi Kit for free at:

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