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We’ve all heard about the demise of webOS and that HP cancelled the TouchPad, that’s already old news and so yesterday, but have you seen Adolf Hitler’s reaction to this announcement yet? If not you’re in luck because a behind the scenes tipster (who chooses to remain anonymous for obvious reasons) caught Hitler’s reaction live on video. Easily one of the funniest Hitler reaction videos to date!

Needles to say Hitler is a bit upset about this news and who can blame him? I couldn’t even imagine being limited to only having Angry Birds in my arsenal of apps! Not to mention, this shocking news surfaced after having owned an HP TouchPad for less than a month, that alone is heartbreaking and enough to make anyone a bit furious but at least he still has his Justin Bieber songs, wait that’s not very reassuring either, ah well, could be worse I guess, or maybe not.

On a lighter note Windows 8 tablets are less than a year away, hooray!

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