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Finally, the first remote desktop client for the Blackberry PlayBook has arrived. If you were holding your breath all of this time luckily there’s still hope. Now you can easily access and control any VNC-enabled computer throughout your network remotely with the new aVNC app developed by AiFlex.

This app supports multiple operating systems including Windows, Mac and Unix based computers. It really is a useful utility app with many advantages. It’s the perfect solution for people who work in tech support or happen to be system administrators or IT Managers. It’s benefits are not just limited to those types of industries though, it’s great for basic personal use as well. If you’re the type of person who is on the go a lot and require access to your unattended home or office computer then this app is for you!

It takes very little time to install and has been designed with a user-interface that is easy to use. While using this app you can perform tasks remotely such as locating files and contacts, send and receive emails, run applications or whatever it is you require. To make things even easier and convenient it stores the previous 20 IP and URL addresses used to make access even quicker. No matter what your level of experience may be in regards to computers you’ll enjoy the fact that you can have a secure session started in less than 5 minutes.

Currently the price for this PlayBook app is $2.99, not bad at all really considering all of it’s key features and capabilities. It’s a very fair and reasonable price to ask in my opinion, roughly about the same price you’d pay for a cup of coffee. Being the only such utility app available so far for the PlayBook they could easily have charged even more.

aVNC for PlayBook Key Features:

  • Remotely access any computers with VNC installed
  • Secure password protected access
  • Direct type input
  • Full keyboard and mouse support

Where Can I Download the aVNC App?

Click here to purchase and download aVNC for your PlayBook tablet from Blackberry App World.

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