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Anime and manga is an incredibly beautiful genre from the graphic industry. The story lines and artwork are to be admired by any artist. Anime does not seem to follow any rules and you can take on any journey with the genre. I have compiled a list of some recently updated anime apps that are good to have for the anime enthusiast.

Whether you are making yourself into an anime character or exploring the anime world this list has the app for you. These apps open up a whole new world of anime for all types. The list below will not only satisfy your need to be in the anime world but connect you to others who have the same passions as you.

Anime & Manga Amino for Otakus

Anime and Manga Amino for Otakus Android app

This app is more of a social media app. The app allows you to get in touch with those who have the same passions as you. You can talk about topics from anime to cosplay and anything in between. This app allows you to explore and discover this world. Not only can you make new friends but you may discover anime you never knew of.

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Anime Box

This app has everything from wallpapers to radio stations. The Anime Box Android app is simple to use and has a user friendly interface as well. The app allows to to explore many types of music within the anime world. You will have many designs and pictures to choose from for your wallpaper. The images are easy to download and the pages are easily swiped.

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Gacha Studio (Anime Dress up)

Gacha Studio Anime Dress Up app for Android

The Gacha Studio Android app allows you to dress up your avatar in any cosplay you wish or design them as you please. Not only can you design your character but you can collect pets and train them in the arena. The gems that you need in the game are easily farmed to help you progress. You can earn achievements and progress on the leader boards. Wi-fi is not need for this app to work so you can play anywhere.

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Anime Face Photo Editor

Anime face photo editor Android app

This app allows you to take any selfie from a camera or gallery and turn it into an anime picture. From the eyes to the hair, every detail gets made to look like you are in an anime character yourself. You can put emoticons and stickers into your photo to give it the real anime feel. This app is light weight and has an intuitive interface for editing your photos. You may also make your photos into a collage and post them to your social media accounts.

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