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On its own the TouchPad stands out well enough, but why not spice up your tablet PC even more with one of the best HP TouchPad cases and perhaps a stylish protective skin? Protect your new touch screen device in style with any of the following cool accessories.

Back to school days are not far away. Summer party time is not over yet, but it’s good to be prepared and have all of the accessories you need before classes start up again. These are a few must have HP TouchPad skins and cases you might want to consider investing in.

Black Pinn HP TouchPad Shoulder Bag Carry Case

Not to ruin your summer and dare I say it but back to school days are just around the corner. This shoulder bag carrying case is perfect for your HP TouchPad and also has several pouches for various things you may need to bring with you to class.

This bundle package is the ultimate all in one deal. Your purchase includes a stylus pen, metal tablet PC stand, wireless Bluetooth keyboard and a courage wristband. A good addition to your ‘must have’ back to school items list.

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Reauthored Book Case for HP Touchpad

The Reauthored book case cover is probably one of the more creative covers you’ll find for your TouchPad. This accessory is made from real hardback books, yes that’s right I did say REAL. Old hardback books that are destined for the scrapyard are converted into stylish and creative cases.

Who says the digital age of highly advance portable touch screen devices is the end of real and authentic books and novels as we know it?

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StealthArmour HP TouchPad Carbon Fiber Skin

Part of the HP TouchPad racing series, the StealthArmour skin is made from real carbon fiber and it’s also pretty slick looking. In case you’re wondering, the film used for this skin is quite unique and was developed originally for racecar exteriors. In other words, yeah it’s built to last no doubt about it.

This particular skin is also recommended specifically by HP themselves and it’s hard to top credibility like that!

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Signature HP TouchPad Case

The Signature Class S TouchPad case is quite fashionable and unique. It’s hand crafted with durable high density plastic and is designed to keep your tablet well protected from physical damages.

It’s also available in a wide range of different colors, nearly 50 to be more exact to ensure you’ll get the most customized look that your seeking. It’s outer layer is made from a luxurious Japanese cloth to help dazzle things up even more.

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HP TouchPad Wood Textured Matte Protective Decal Skin

This wood textured decal skin will add some nice visual appeal to your tablet while keeping it protected from scratches. It’s very easy to apply and is made with a non-adhesive material which also makes it easy to peel off if need be while leaving no unwanted sticky residue behind.

It’s a very thin protective shield which gives your TouchPad a more natural. At the same time it’s quite durable which is the important thing.

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HP TouchPad Artistic Matte Protective Decal Skin

Similar to the wooden matte protective skin featured above, this one is made from exactly the same material but has more of a creative design and look to it.

This particular skin is perfect for those of you who are looking for something that is a bit more unique and artistic. One thing I didn’t mention yet which is also really cool is that these matte skins even come bundled with matching wallpaper. This adds an even more stunning effect and look to your device.

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Skinomi TechSkin HP TouchPad Dark Wood Skin Protector

Skinomi is well known for their high quality TechSkin screen protectors. In fact, for good reason they are so confident in their products that they even back them up with a lifetime warranty.

Skinomi’s dark wood textured skin protector is quite stylish and highly durable. This is the perfect TouchPad accessory for those who want full protection as well as a classy nature style look.

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