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Do you enjoy free games for your Android tablet? Of course you do, that was a rhetorical question. Everyone likes games especially when they are absolutely free. That’s why I’ve taken the time to compile a list of 5 newly released free Android games just for you!

Kill some time and simultaneously work on your gaming skills with the following free titles. If you have any other free game suggestions please share them with us and the community!

Bunny Shooter

It’s like Angry Birds, only with bunnies! Don’t let those cute and cuddly bunny rabbits fool you, you must conquer them one fun level at a time. These bunnies have stolen your prized carrot and now it’s time for you to get revenge! Enjoy the great graphics and numerous fun levels!

Bunny Shooter, brought to you by the developers of the popular hit game Ant Smasher, is free but only for a limited time so be sure to download it right away!

Download Bunny Shooter for Android.

Dragon Hunter II

Dragon Hunter II, which was developed by the crew at Feeling Touch, is a sequel to the popular and original Dragon Hunter game. This version has an all new boss and plenty of more powerful magic to use.

Do you have what it takes to be a dragon hunter? Use your large arsenal of weapons wisely and find out! There’s plenty of magic and weapons to use including dizzy arrows, poison as well as wind, light, fire & ice mages.

Download Dragon Hunter II for Android.

My Country

My Country will test you on many levels and present you with a massive collection of different tasks. Build your megacity from the ground up in this fun, challenging and rewarding free Android game.

This game really is a lot of fun. You are in charge of establishing your new country and responsible for its success or failure. Develop all new industries, grow forests as well as skyscrapers and build everything else in between.

Download My Country for Android.

Jewels Free

Jewel Free is one of the most addictive match-3 style games out there. It’s been a popular hit for quite some time but now it’s available for free on Android tablets! How cool is that?

This is one of those classics that continue to improve and just never seem to get old. You’ll love the graphics and game play. You can also match more than 3 jewels at a time to reveal bonus high-impact power gems!

Download Jewels Free for Android.

Mystery of the Crystal Portal

Do you enjoy mystery games and locating hidden objects? If so then this free Android game, Mystery of the Crystal Portal, will be right up your alley! You play the role of Nicole Rankwist who is a journalist on a mission to solve the case of her father’s mysterious & sudden disappearance and locate his whereabouts.

The graphics are fantastic and really well designed. You can also unlock the full version of this game in this free trial and receive 30% off.

Download Mystery of the Crystal Portal for Android.

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