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Today we present to you a list of 5 cool games for your BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. The PlayBook was built primarily as a mobile business device, but hey, who says you can’t have a little fun while you’re at it! Check out the list of great games below and enjoy!


BlackOut is a fun social memory game for the PlayBook that will put your memory skills to the test. Themes are chosen specifically by you and you get to select any photos you want from Google’s Picasa public web albums. This is a great feature because if you had to use the same themes and photos over and over that would get boring and repetitive rather quick. This way you can always have fresh photos to play and work with.

Blackout memory game for PlayBook

Twitter is integrated directly into this game and you can instantly tweet your high scores. You can also compete to be listed as one of the top 100 players around the globe for either of the 3 difficulty levels which include easy, medium and hard.

Download BlackOut from the BlackBerry App World.


If you like to play challenging and addictive word games then you’ll enjoy the newly released Pyramix game designed specifically for the PlayBook. It’s a great game for learning new words and it also has appealing graphics. Play just for fun or put yourself to the ultimate challenge with a timed game.

Pyramix Pyramix word game for PlayBook Pyramix game

Pyramix was developed by HD Interactive and it’s also available for the iPad and Android tablets. Watch the trailer video for Pyramix below.

Download Pyramix from the BlackBerry App World.


Braktrix PlayBook game

Introducing BrakTriX, the best break out style game for your PlayBook. It comes packed with 100 addictive and original stages and you can choose from 11 different collectibles to play with.

This PlayBook game is also universal so it will work on your BlackBerry smartphones smoothly as well.

Download BrakTriX from the BlackBerry App World.

Fruit Truck

Fruit Truck PlayBook game

Oh no, the fruits are falling, you better hurry up and catch them! Luckily you are here to save the day. Use your truck to collect as many fruits as you can as they fall from the trees. Be careful not to go over capacity though and don’t get caught in the red zone!

Collect as many points as you can and try not to leave any fruit behind. If your truck gets too full just title your PlayBook to empty the contents, just make sure you do this only when the time is right.

Download Fruit Truck from the BlackBerry App World.

Dunky Dough Ball

Dunky Dough Ball PlayBook game

Don’t let this PlayBook game’s challenging mazes get in your way of making the most delicious bowl of Dunky Dough Ball. Mmmm, sounds yummy. Enjoy loads of fun with this maze game as you bounce and weave your way through each of the 32 levels.

Download Dunky Dough Ball from the BlackBerry App World.

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