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On it’s own the iPad 2 is loaded with fun and useful features. Add a few accessories and you have yourself a true match made in heaven. Take your tablet computing experience to new levels with any of the iPad 2 accessories listed below. Ranging from highly useful to just plain cool. Keep in mind they are not in any particular order of rank or preference, it’s just a list of a few accessories we felt you would enjoy.

JOOS Orange Portable Solar Charger

If you’ve ever wondered what the easiest way is to keep your iPad 2 battery charged no matter where you might be JOOS Orange is the ultimate solution. Using the power of solar energy this portable device will keep your iPad 2 charged just about anywhere you are. It’s one of those things that you may not be sure exactly when you’ll need it but when the time comes you’re sure glad you have it.

JOOS Orange iPad 2 Solar Powered Batter Charger

Just to name a few examples, this accessory would be very useful while traveling, at the beach or even camping in the woods. Not a bad idea to add it to your list of survival kit necessities. This accessory even won the [highlight]Best of Innovations award[/highlight] at the 2011 CES International Trade Show.

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Soundfreaq Sound Platform

Great design, extensive features and superb sound performance. What more could you possibly want from an iPad 2 speaker system? The Soundfreaq Sound Platform will knock your socks off, or for those of you who only speak geek, the cover off your iPad 2.

iPad 2 Speakers

Delivering smooth bass and a sound that is both crisp and clear. This company has gone to great lengths to design a platform that provides the best quality sound with absolutely no air leaks. It includes spatial sound enhancements and custom drivers for the perfect sound balance.

It’s compatible with your iPad, iPhone or iPod. The cool thing is you don’t even have to plug your iDevice into the speaker unit itself. Using Bluetooth A2DP technology simply stream and transmit your audio wirelessly from your tablet device.

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ZAGGmate Aluminum iPad 2 Keyboard & Case

Made in collaboration with Logitech, the ZAGGmate aluminum case & keyboard for your iPad 2 is designed for durability and functionality. It’s very well designed and also looks pretty sleek. Definitely a must have 2-in-1 iPad 2 accessory. It was labeled this year at Macworld as being one of the [highlight]best of show products[/highlight].

ZAGGmate hard aluminum case with keyboard for iPad 2

The Bluetooth keyboard, which uses a rechargeable 510 mAh lithium polymer battery, is optional. Of course we recommend having it bundled for maximum functionality. The case is made using aircraft aluminum material and then bead-blasted for a remarkably looking anodized finish to match your iPad 2. Easily one of the most innovative cases we’ve seen so far.

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Menotek Flexible Bluetooth Waterproof Keyboard

As you can tell from the photo below this is not your typical Bluetooth keyboard. It’s flexible, waterproof and compact. If you fancy options other than using the touch screen keyboard on your iPad 2 then this could be the wireless keyboard for you!

Flexible iPad 2 Bluetooth Keyboard

This cleverly designed keyboard is also compatible with other tablet computers such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Motorola Xoom. It works well with both the original iPad as well as second generation iPad.

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XGear Private Eye Screen Protector

Designed specifically for the iPad 2, this privacy screen protector by XGear keeps your personal screen cloaked from unwanted eyes no matter what angle other people try to view your device from. It’s quite clever really. If you’re working on something that is confidential, obviously you don’t want to broadcast what’s on your screen to strangers who are trying to sneak a peak.

iPad 2 Privacy Screen Protector from XGear

This one is designed for 2-way protection, but for even more privacy there is a 4-way screen protector available as well. Not only does this accessory keep your iPad 2 screen private, it also keeps your screen safe from unwanted dust and scratches.

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