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Sing along to your favorite music from anywhere, have fun with karaoke, or find lyrics you’re stumped on with our top 5 picks for the best free song lyric finding apps for Android.


QuickLyric Android app to find song lyrics

You’ll love the QuickLyric Android app interface and simplicity. QuickLyric makes it easier than ever to grab any of your favorite song lyrics and even has the option to store lyrics for quick offline access. It works alongside the most popular music apps and also fetches lyrics for you automatically while you’re listening to tracks on your device or streaming music.

You can also try the new floating lyrics, romanisation, and music recognition features in the recently announced QuickLyric beta program and become a tester of an upcoming and currently unreleased version of the app.

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Shazam song lyrics app for Android

Discover and share the best new music and easily explore lyrics with the Shazam app for Android. Shazam also makes it easy to sync your account with all of your devices and with a single tap on your mobile device you can identify music even while offline.

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Deezer Android app

Next we introduce the Deezer Android app which is another great solution for finding lyrics from all of your favorite music artists. Expand your music library, create playlists, and enjoy on-screen lyrics right at your fingertips from any Android device.

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Lyrically music lyrics app for Android

Lyrically is another popular Android app that enables you to obtain fast, accurate, and easy to read song lyrics. Lyrically is a collaborative effort and anyone can contribute to the fan curated lyrics database. With Lyrically you can sift through millions of fan-authored lyrics! All song lyrics found with the Lyrically service are powered by Lyric Wikia hosted on which is a massive social universe of fandom.

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Genius Song Lyrics Android app

The Genius music lyrics Android app currently has a database of over 1.7 million songs and that number is constantly growing. With the Genius mobile app you can search for specific song lyrics or browse lyrics for the latest and hottest new music tracks. Just click the button below to visit Google Play and install this app for free on your Android device today!

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