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Many of us have that fear of losing our Android smartphone or even worse not being able to locate someone we love. We have all had what feels like a small heart attack when we can’t find our phones or when someone you love hasn’t messaged in a while.

But not to worry as today I have compiled a list of 5 of some of the best Android apps for family and friends location sharing. These apps will help put those fears to rest and make it so you wont need to worry anymore. These apps are designed to put you at ease when it comes not only to locating your device but with finding your loved ones.

iSharing Locator – Find My Friends & Family

This Android location sharing app provides a real time location finder allowing friends and family to privately share their locations. The app gives you alerts when your loved ones arrive at or leave their location. You will receive instant notifications when friends are nearby so you’ll no longer need to deal with those “where are you?” texts.

This app will also locate your lost or stolen Android phone. The iSharing app not only has location history storage but if shaken it puts the panic mode into action.

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ContaGeo Share Track Location

With this app you can choose who gets to see your location information so you only have to share with those you trust. ContaGeo also works with or without GPS. You get fast and real time status updates providing the city and exact location of the person you are trying to locate. You control how long the app is functioning which can be 15 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour, 4 hours or forever. You can request or send location information with anyone via a web browser whether it be a phone, tablet, desktop or laptop. ContaGeo tells you what your friends are doing before you contact them whether it be driving or they have a low battery. Last but not least this app tracks your phone if lost so you will never have to worry about misplacing your phone again.

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Family Locator & Friend Tracker

This app is pretty simple and you don’t need to sign up or use a verification code. You have only 2 steps to get this Android app working. You can request location from friends and family with a unique URL that you can send via messenger apps or email. You will be notified if and when they accept your request. You can even set destinations for trips and where you want to meet up. The app will track the movements of those who you are meeting. This GPS tracker app for Android hardly uses any of your battery and is able to work well on low bandwidth. The app comes with a 2 touch panic button that will send an S.O.S even when the phone is locked.

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Family Locator & Safety

With real time location tracking you can track your family’s every move on a map. The app has automatic push notifications to alert you when your loved ones arrive and leave their destinations such as school or work. It has a panic button so you’ll get an instant alert when your loved one is in trouble. This app is easy for children to use and has low battery consumption. There’s even a private chat function. The app can easily locate lost or stolen Android phones as well so you can retrieve your devices quickly.

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Family Locator – GPS Tracker

This Android app makes it easy to have more peace of mind in this digital age. It makes it easier than ever to find the locations of your loved ones. You can create groups called circles so you can chat with your loved ones if need be. View movements and locations of your loved ones on a real time map. This is a private family map that only you and the ones in your circle can access.

The Family Locator app for Android also alerts you when your loved ones have arrived at their destination as well as when they leave. It’s also capable of tracking your lost or stolen phone. It’s GPS tracker will help you pinpoint the exact location of your Android device. There’s an iOS version too for iPhone owners.

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