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Having two young daughters of my own, I’ve decided to make a list of some fun Android apps and games that I think your little girl(s) would enjoy!

Gymnastics Superstar

With this Android game you are sent to the Olympics to represent your country with your gymnastics skills. You get to work with coaches and create your own choreography. In Gymnastics Superstar you also get to do the whole makeover nails, hair, and make-up. Oh and you get to dress up in cool outfits too. Now for you parents reading this there are in-app purchases but there is a way to disable them so no worries there.

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City Skate – Rule the Skate Park!

This Android game is brought to you by TabTale, the same creators of Gymnastics Superstar. In this game you are aiming to be queen of the skate park. Along with being able to do all the make overs you get to choose your own board and skate combos to wow everyone at the skate park.

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Ice Skating Ballerina Dance

You play this game as Talisha who is a figure skating ballerina. She injures herself at first, but with your help she can get back up and into the swing of things. Train Talisha to get back in the game and help her rise to the top of the world skating ranks. Representation is also important as a figure skater and ballerina so don’t forget to put ample effort into your makeover. With all this together you can make Talisha look and perform like a superstar.

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Cabin Crew Girls Airport Manager

Cabin Crew Girls Airport Manager has you running an airport. From scans to clean up you do it all. There are mini games within this game that have you check over the plane before a simulation flight. I find this game is a good switch up from the makeover games for your little girl.

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My House Makeover: Clean, Craft and Fix

This game has you cleaning, preparing yummy food and fixing up a house. You must make sure everything is in order in every room you work in. The game has you working on the bathroom, living room, kitchen and pool side. When you’re done fixing these rooms you are rewarded with being able to choose what goes into the room which is lots of fun. You can also go for a nice swim in the pool.

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