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Hokey horse hockey, the holidays are upon us. I gotta get gifts under my Christmas tree. I’m assuming you do, too. Fortunately for you we’ve come up with our 2011 Tablet PC Holiday Gift Guide. Today we’re covering some of the best tablet PC mounting stands. So before you hang your stockings by the chimney with care… buy something, already.

Griffin A-Frame Multi-position Tabletop Stand

This slick, aluminum A-frame stand is both beautiful and well designed. In the upright stance, the stable tabletop device cradles your tablet PC in either landscape or portrait modes. When collapsed, the versatile stand rests horizontally, positioning your tablet at a lower, wrist-friendly angle for typing, surfing, reading and more.

The a-frame design also allows easy access to the dock connector for syncing and charging during use. Strategically positioned non-slip, silicone rubber pads protect and secure your tablet from abrasion and dings. Finally, the lightweight Griffin A-Frame Stand stores away nicely, so it’s ideal for travel.

Price: $20.00 on Amazon

Griffin A-Frame Multi-position Tabletop Stand

elago P2 Stand for iPad and Tablet PCs

Ah, aluminum. I like aluminum, and the elago P2 stand for the iPad and other Tablet PCs is made of, um, well… aluminum. The elago P2 stand has an eye pleasing, Apple-esque design. The solid, one-piece construction makes breakage unlikely, and there are no parts to loose. The trapezoid base is undergirded with two foam pads providing both cushion and grip, while also protecting desktops and furniture. On the back face, you’ll find two strategically placed holes for cable connections. The small round hole provides access for audio connections, while the longer, oval hole provides access for the iPad’s 30-pin sync/charge cable.

Available in “Black” and “Silver”, the elago P2 stand is compatible with the iPad, iPad 2 and most other tablet PCs. Moreover, users needn’t remove their iPad cases in order to use the P2 stand. The interiors of the two curved “grips” are lined with padding to protect the finish of your tablets. Furthermore, the “J” shaped grips are separated by approximately an inch and a half, allowing iPad devices to be docked while seated in the P2 stand. While the viewing angle of the elago P2 is excellent, it is not adjustable. For those requiring maximum adjustability, you may want to consider purchasing the (silver) Thought Out Stabile PRO Pivoting iPad 2 stand listed below.

Price: $29.99 on Amazon

elago P2 Tablet PC Stand

Thought Out Stabile PRO Pivoting iPad 2 Stand

As the saying goes: “Anything worth doing is worth overdoing”. The Stabile PRO pivoting iPad 2 stand by the “Thought Out” company certainly falls into this category.

The Stabile PRO pivoting iPad 2 stand is made in the good old U.S. of A. The unique stand incorporates wonderful design elements including stability, visual appeal, and adjustability. Compatible with the iPad and iPad 2, the Stabile Pro pivoting stand is made of solid steel. The steel construction is advantageous in that it is both strong and heavy. Weighing in at nearly 4-pounds, the pivoting stand positions your iPad at its center of gravity, making it highly resistant to tipping. At the heart of the stand is a 3/4-inch steel-ball pivoting holder. This unique arrangement allows the user to view the iPad at most any angle. The head of the unit allows 80-degree motion side to side, forward and back. The “retaining” hooks provide ample space for docking your iPad or iPad 2. The neck of the Stabile PRO Pivoting stand features a spilt back cable management system. The base is undergirded with four (black) 3M polyurethane non-skid feet. Lastly, four vinyl end caps guard the iPad’s finish.

This versatile stand cradles your iPad with or without a case or skin, and the silver finish matches Apple’s wireless keyboard. The Thought Out Stabile PRO pivoting iPad 2 stand sells for $99.99. Still not convinced? Check out this informative video.

Price: $99.99 on Amazon

Thought Out Stabile PRO Pivoting iPad 2 Stand

iGobee Foldable Stand / Kickstand (Black)

Looking for a lighter and more portable tablet PC stand? Then the iGobee Foldable Stand / Kickstand may be right for you. The simple design is strong, durable and highly portable. When extended, the two front legs splay out to approximately 80˚ degrees. Furthermore, the aluminum alloy reinforced legs can be extended from 152mm to 231mm. At the base of each front leg is a small arm which extends upwards 90˚ degrees. It is this small arm upon which the tablet rests. The rear leg is adjustable; provide multiple viewing angles, and adjustable height with the push of button. The open design provides better airflow, allowing your laptop or tablet to cool naturally. The iGobee Foldable Stand / Kickstand supports a maximum weight of 13 LBS. It’s compatible with the following devices:

  • The iPad
  • The iPad 2
  • Most tablet PCs
  • The Kindle
  • The Kindle DX
  • The NOOK Color
  • PS3
  • PSP
  • eReaders
  • Assorted laptops

The iGobee Foldable Stand / Kickstand sells for $19.95 and comes with durable black carrying cloth.

Price: $19.49 on Amazon

Black iGobee Foldable Stand and Kickstand

Adjustable Skadoosh Aluminum iPad Stand

If it was legal to marry this next item, I think I’d do it. The Adjustable Skadoosh stand for the iPad and iPad 2 is the cat’s whiskers. Made of aluminum, Ahhh… A-lu-min-um *shakes head and snaps out of it*. Made of solid aluminum, the Skadoosh stand easily locks into place and adjusts to nearly a dozen different angles. Perfect for FaceTime, the fully adjustable stand uses rubber pads to firmly secure the iPad, reducing the risk of falls, scratches and dings. The stable aluminum stand equally protects iPads without cases and those in thin cases, with a collective thickness of 1/8th of an inch, or less. The Skadoosh also has a low pivoting point, making it ideal for use when typing on an iPad. An additional fold-down support arm provides even greater strength and stability. With a beautiful finish that matches the iPad, the Skadoosh stand gets the job done with style and ease. Get yours now for the iPad or iPad 2.

Price: $69.99 on Amazon

Adjustable Skadoosh Aluminum iPad Stand

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