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No matter the genre, everyone has certain types of music they love to listen to. There are tones of apps out there that include some toe tapping tunes for you to play with. Whether it be a game or an app to listen and groove to your favorite songs. Here’s a list of the 20 best music related iOS apps for your iPhone or iPad for you to enjoy.

With these iOS apps you’re sure to find a few that strike the right chord. Whether it’s learning, creating or just playing around, all of these apps have their own special features. Music lovers; prepare to feel your soul light up!

My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters iOS music app

With this iOS music game you have islands you can fill with over 100 different monsters. Each monster has their own song or tune they sing. The more monsters you collect the more musical your island gets. You design how your island looks as well as name your monsters. You can breed your monsters to create new ones with a unique sound. Compose your own music or just enjoy what your monsters have created for you. With this game you can get lost in a magical musical monster world.

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Piano Tiles 2

Piano Tiles 2 iOS app

With this game you are playing a piano but there’s a twist. You must play each song by tapping only the black tiles trying to avoid the white. some songs are easy to complete while others will have you dizzy before you even start. New songs are always being added. While the list of songs do consist of mainly classical you can find many other songs within the list. Earn points and gems so you can buy new songs and enjoy feeling like a musical prodigy.

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Song Pop 2 – Guess The Song

SongPop 2 Guess The Song iOS music app

With more than 100,000 song clips from artists new and old you can challenge others to see who the true music buff is. This music trivia game is for those who love to name that song. You can compete for trophies against friends or other players or you can play against Melody the game mascot in a solo round. All songs and playlist are free to play but you can buy your favorites to keep. The game is free but you can buy a VIP subscription for added fun.

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Just Dance Now

Just Dance Now iOS app

Now you can bring the game you love from your gaming console to your phone. With your iPhone as a controller you can connect to any internet based device. Whether it is a smart TV or computer you can now take this game on the go. With over 300 songs you can really get your groove on and show everyone how it’s done. You can buy a VIP pass to enhance your experience and gain access to more content if you want as well.

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Sing Karaoke Songs Unlimited with StarMaker

StarMaker iOS music app

Using this app you can sing along with your favorite songs and share the experience with people all over the world. With voice effects and editing tools you can make your final project the way you want. You can even partake in the collab feature where you can team up with your friends or the stars themselves.

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Deezer: Listen to Music, Playlist and New Songs

Deezer iOS music app

Deezer is a popular music streaming website that you can now take with you on the go. With the Deezer iOS app your world is open to radio stations and plenty of music to stroll to. Deezer analyzes your listening habits and suggests songs to you based on your taste. The app offers a premium option to make your experience better.

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Djay 2 for iPhone

djay 2 for iPhone

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert this app will turn you into a DJ master. Turn any event into a party with this pocket size DJ set up. Record your mixes for future use or take the scene live, both options are available. Djay 2 is also compatible with not only your iPad and iPhone but your Apple watch as well.

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Guitar! by Smule

Guitar! by Smule iOS music app

Much like it’s piano counter part this app has you strumming the note to your favorite songs. The app also allows you to add your guitar skills to the videos of the karaoke version of Smule. With this app you can compose your own song and with the special FX option you can make your songs any way you like. You can also make suggestions to songs you would like to see within the app. This app also has a VIP subscription option.

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Capo Touch

Capo touch mobile app

Capo Touch helps you to learn your favorite songs by ear. Slowing down but not changing the song so you may work out the chords. The app also learns the chords for you to help you learn any song you wish. You can change the speed of the music you’re playing with to help you practice without changing the pitch. If you’re having a problem with a section of a song you can put it on a loop until you get it right.

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Hum iOS app

The Hum iOS app is for anyone who loves to write songs. Recording your hums and lyrics when they come to you. You’ll never lose your projects because the app saves them to the Dropbox. Label your work with colors or moods, and add the keys and tones you were aiming for. Hum puts your songs into a playlist so you don’t have to go searching for a certain piece. With a built in tuner your songs will always be on point.

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Different Drummer

Different Drummer music app for iOS

The app may say drummer but it’s more than just a drum synthesizer. This app prides itself on being a different tool in the music app world. Helping you to create new and alternative sounds. This app saves your creations with wave save where you can even share your music with others.

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Coach Guitar

Coach Guitar lessons music app for iOS

Coach Guitar aims to help you learn how to play guitar without music theory. Showing you using colors and a black fret board this app teaches you where your fingers are to be placed. With this music app having many languages you can learn popular acoustic music from all over the world. The library for you to learn from has many choices to select from. This app also has a premium feature that opens you up to more tools.

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Launchpad – Make & Remix Music

Launchpad iOS app to make and remix music

Launchpad is an app that you can create your own electronic music with. It has a feature that allows you to connect with other devices and apps. The app comes with 8 sound packs to help get you started on your creative musical journey. You can also add your sounds and audio to make your work even more unique. The app has some in-app purchase options too.

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RYSE UP is an app to help the musically talented to be discovered. This app connects you to great talent giving newcomers a chance to reach their goals. Watch for other talent or put yourself out their and watch as the discoveries happen. As a user of the app you can vote for the talent you feel should get noticed. This app isn’t just for musicians but for others with great talents. The app will pair you with the artist you wish to collaborate with and help you to reach your dreams.

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NOISE mobile music app for iOS

Take your musical instrument anywhere with this app. With simple gestures on your touch screen device you can make your creations everywhere. This app not only works as your instrument but as your studio on the go as well. To get you started and used to the app, NOISE has a learning mode where it teaches you to trace the lights and every other gesture you will need to know.

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forScore Mini

forScore mini iPhone music app

Take your score sheets on the go with this app. Make set lists of the songs you wish to play. This app reads the meta data in your PDF files to create an easy to navigate library. You can create you own sheet music as well to share with others or to keep to yourself. Save your score to Dropbox, iCloud and many other storage services.

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Dance Moms Rising Star

Dance Moms Rising Star iOS music app

Now is your chance to join the drama. Join the elite dance competition team traveling and preforming for judges. Win trophies as you prepare for nationals. Play as your favorite dancer and compete against others to show them what you’ve got. With music from the show and mini games there is so much to keep you in this game. There are 30 levels to complete as you travel across the country.

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FaceDance Challenge!

FaceDance Challenge music app for iOS

This app uses your front facing camera to capture your dancing face. Record yourself making faces and face dancing then share and upload it so others can see. You can earn points depending on the music and how much movement you can get your face to make. Smiley faces will appear on the screen along with you to keep you going.

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DuelBeats music iOS game

If you love music and battle games then this iOS app is for you. Duel your friends with music swiping and tapping. Play against your friends, single player mode online, or even on the same device. You can get 18 unique heroes to help you in your battle towards victory with 3 levels of difficulties to play. Choose your avatar wisely for they can help you with the haul you get depending on how rare they are.

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Music Game – TAPSONIC

TAPSONIC iOS music game

Tap, slide and hold to complete your songs. With multiple ways to increase or decrease the difficulty you can go back and forth between challenging and relaxing. The app comes with 6 pre-loaded songs for you to choose from. You can get more songs by watching ads or making in-app purchases. Ads will not appear on the songs you have purchased from the app. you can delete TAPSONIC songs you don’t play or don’t like to increase storage on your device.

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