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If you’re a fan of mahjong puzzles then you’ll be excited about the updated 10th anniversary version of the popular iOS game Mahjong Venice Mystery Puzzle.

The game has been a huge hit since it appeared on the App Store 7 years ago. Although it’s only been available on the App Store for 7 years, it has now been around for a decade. There are now more than 700 levels from numerous different themes such as Pirates Tomb, Hidden Palazzo, Murano Island II, and more! The more puzzles you solve the more of the secret path through Venice, Italy that you reveal in order to solve an ancient mystery.

You’ll love the features and incredible artwork in this iOS game. It’s filled with vibrant levels, and you can play additional fun hidden object mini games to reveal bonus levels. Collect coins to buy power ups and use combos to increase your score.

Mahjong Venice Mystery Puzzle game for iOS

For those of you who are extra competitive you can even see how your scores match up against other players from around the world in the full game center and leaderboard.

Tip: the faster you play the more your score multiplier is increased!

In addition to the game’s stunning and colorful graphics, it also has a great music soundtrack. You can choose from four difficulty levels and find hidden strategies to increase your score even more.

Another fun objective of this game is the 13 lost paintings from the past you need to find which contain hidden secrets and hold the key to repairing the old machine and historical city. The paintings contain magic codes that will be quite useful on your quest!

Want to get in on this mind bending puzzle solving action? Just click the button below to download, or upgrade to, the 10th anniversary edition of this popular app on your iPhone or iPad.

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