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You’ve seen it countless times in movies, TV shows and have probably experienced this first hand yourself; The end of class is approaching and before the bell even rings students are no longer paying attention to the teacher, their backpacks are filled up and zipped as they anxiously wait for the bell to ring so they can make a dash for the door at the exact moment class has concluded and heaven forbid not a second later.

What does this tell you? Well, in part it sends the message that typically school (no matter what part of the world you live in) is dull and boring, almost worse than being in prison and as though students are many times being forced to study and pay attention to things they really aren’t the least bit interested in.

Those points mentioned above might sound harsh, exaggerated and extreme, but it’s the truth. Learning and education should not feel like prison and should in fact be fun and engaging. It doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience and with tablet computers it can seem more like a breath of fresh air with each new day being filled with exciting new experiences. A lot of it all comes down to using methods which are proven to help students focus and remain retentive and most importantly enjoy what they are learning and how they learn.

What’s really great about tablet computers is the fact that people of all ages can use these wonderful devices to learn and interact in ways that weren’t possible before. Tablet computers are not only innovative, like human beings they are also quite diverse and can be used in multiple different ways for educational purposes. Of course technology is not the ultimate answer or solution to everything, and it’s important for societies worldwide to maintain a healthy balance of both digital and non-digital worlds, but tablet PCs do open the door to endless new possibilities and entertaining ways to learn, educate and explore.

Android tablets are great devices that can be used as learning tools in many ways. There’s plenty of useful and highly intuitive educational apps available and today we have selected a few of our favorites and top picks to help you get your gray matter in gear while at the same time having fun while learning new things.

10 Great Educational Apps For Your Android Tablet

IQ Test: The IQ Challenge

IQ Test The IQ Challenge appAre you curious about what your IQ is? Do you ever wonder what areas you are most intelligent in? If so this Android app will help you gauge your IQ with tests that assess your best cognizant skills and strengths and also reveal your areas of weakness in 11 different areas.

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MapMaster – Geography Game

MapMaster Geography gameHow well do you know your geography? Put your geographical skills to the test with MapMaster, a fun and popular educational app for your Android tablet. Unlike other typical and boring geography games, this app has lots of great graphics and is quite interactive. Check it out!

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ASL Translator

ASL Translator Android appWith ASL Translator you can instantly convert any of 30,000+ different English words into sign language all with a tap on your touch screen. How convenient is that? This is a great learning app for your Android tablet that will help you master sign language and help you communicate with those who cannot hear.

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Flashcards Study Helper

Flashcards Study HelperStudy for that big test or exam while on the go with Flashcards Study Helper. Easily create custom flashcards to help you ace that exam! Hey we could all use a study pal every now and then, plus you can even use this app to study with your friends! So go ahead and see just how helpful this app is!

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Autism Series – Learn Feelings

Autism Series Learn Feelings Android appThis is a wonderful Android app developed to help children with autism learn about feelings and gain social skills using ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis). It combines audio visuals and animations with effective educational methods to help autistic children learn and understand expressions

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Med Surg – Nursing In a Flash

Med Surg Nursing in a FlashIf your dream and passion is to become a nurse then this is just the app for you! Enjoy quick and easy access to 4,500 informative and educational study questions related to nursing right from you tablet PC. Key topics include common conditions, pathophysiology and medications.

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GradeWizardIt’s human nature to calculatively keep track of numbers as well as progress and grades and academic progress are no exception. Introducing GradeWizard, a newly released Android app that helps you both predict as well as track your progress academically. Whether you’re working towards a 4-year GPA or a simple individual assignment this app is incredibly helpful.

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HomeWork app for AndroidSimilar to School Helper, the HomeWork app is a great tool for managing timetables and homework assignments. We felt it was also worth mentioning, and hey people do love options! Easily list all of your exams, sort by date and even keep track of both complete and incomplete tasks and assignments.

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